Producing and selling

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Order the entomological boxes:

The minimum order is 10 pcs. Can be the mixture of various diameters. If you need any special modification (for example hinge ) or different height of box, upon order we made it according your request. Should you need less than 10 pcs. visit the pages of our bussiness partner: "Entomologické pomôcky RNDr.Ondrej Šauša" If you have interest ask for price list.

Orders accessories by entomological boxes:

If you have interst about selfadhesive holders or photopaper Michelangelo you can require the price list by mail.

Orders the tool night hunting insects:

All goods can by order in any quantity. Order goods will be send to return after your payment.


Orders adress:

Ing.Miloš Machálik
Strojárska 361/3
966 01 Hliník nad Hronom
Slovak republik